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08 3.2 - Stage 0 - AWD/Transmission Full Service

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08 3.2 - Stage 0 - AWD/Transmission Full Service

Post by dandan » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:56 pm

Hey everyone once again!
On my quest for stage 0 I am gearing up for a full AWD/Transmission fluid replacement. Specifically the AWD components.
There are plenty of conflicting resources on a transmission flush/fluid change. Most likely I'll follow vida for that, I may even do the service how "volvosweden" on youtube does his(drain and fill).
The information I'm really looking for is a master list for the AWD drive components and fluids.

Angle gear(bevel gear?) fluid
Haldex filter and fluid
Rear differential fluid
Last but not least transmission fluid.

Are these the only fluids that need to be changed out for full AWD service?
What fluids (brand and spec) for each of these? I understand they are all different fluids.
I'm debating Volvo brand for the transmission and just getting the aisin fluid, but for everything else...volvo brand, unless I can acquire them easily(online or local)

This vehicle has 124k miles on it, it is unknown if these fluids have ever been changed. Its very unlikely they have.

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Re: 08 3.2 - Stage 0 - AWD/Transmission Full Service

Post by ggleavitt » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:34 pm

Lots of posts out there for these procedures, great that you're thinking about getting the car baselined, really a great mileage to do so on a 3.2 in my opinion.

I use this thread- viewtopic.php?f=10&t=64335 as a guide for replacing the gear and AOC/filter and transmission fluid on my '05, and I use this post- http://www.timthurber.com/volvo-xc90-3- ... c-6-speed/ as a separate guide for changing out the transmission fluid on my '08, but there are a bunch out there when you do a search, including descriptions of the differences between Haldex versions to look for when changing out the filter.

If the car has not been too badly beaten during its life, a pump-out at this mileage should be just fine. No gripe against drain/fill but total time for a pump-out is 2 hours if you include heating everything up to do a proper level check with VIDA, at least that's about how long it's taking me after 3 of these changes between both my cars.

For fluids in general, there are many posts out there with lower cost substitutes, I personally use OE only for Haldex (AOC) and coolant.
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