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1996 850R Wagon - will Mimas 16" wheels fit and if so what tire size?

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1996 850R Wagon - will Mimas 16" wheels fit and if so what tire size?

Post by dmack87 »

Hoping someone can help me out here. I have a 96 850R wagon with 17 Volans and 205/45zr17 tires. Have had this car for quite a while, and in that time have gone through a total of 6 replacement wheels and multiple blown tires. Noticed a tire bubble the other day at only 15,000 on the fronts, and the backs are at 4/32 so was going to replace all 4 tires (again). Well after ordering in new 205/45r-17s, the shop called and reported that 3 of my 4 wheels are bent!
Vovlo_new_and_old copy.jpg
Vovlo_new_and_old copy.jpg (122.29 KiB) Viewed 1282 times
I have had enough of these 17" volans as these 3 would push my total to 9 replacement rims. I am looking to switch to 16" wheels to try and improve tire/wheel life and found the Mimas wheels which look pretty similar to the Volans and even show the same paint color code. It appears that these will work with my wagon, and eBay says they will however I am still concerned. Does anyone know if there would be any issue? I should point out that IPD cross reference does not specifically list the 850 for these wheels: https://bit.ly/2LqoeUy
Snap 2018-07-25 at 22.38.47.jpg
Snap 2018-07-25 at 22.38.47.jpg (20.12 KiB) Viewed 1282 times
43mm offset
Snap 2018-07-25 at 22.38.25.jpg
Snap 2018-07-25 at 22.38.25.jpg (19.46 KiB) Viewed 1282 times
Volan (my current wheels)
43mm offset

If they will work, what tire size would I want with these? Tire rack shows 205/50-16 but I have also seen people suggesting 205/55-16 although I am not sure if that would be for the regular 850 and not the R model. With the 205/55-16 I am worried about rubbing since this is an R but I want as much tire as I can stuff under there without any rubbing.

Any expert help is appreciated greatly as the car is parked waiting for this decision!


Bonus points if you know if my new set of Volan center caps will fit the Mimas or if I will need different lug nuts :)

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Post by misha »

All the number are matching...i don't know what center bore is but you need 65.1mm.
If it's larger you will need center rings at 65.1.
205/50/16 was original dimension from the factory,but Volvo switched it to 205/55/16 because of customer's complaints about bent rims.
Bolts are all the same,but original chrome ones with longer head looks better.

With 205/55/16 you will have a minor rubbing at full lock in inner fender plastic cover,and with "50s" you will have bent rims again.
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Year and Model: 1996 850R Wagon
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Post by dmack87 »

OK it appears that the 850 and s60 both share a center bore size of 65.1:

https://ozvolvo.org/discussion/1105/vol ... ment-guide says:
850, S70, V70, S60, XC70 5x108 / 5x4.25 35-50mm 65.1mm

So I have a 16" wheel that is 5x108 with a 43mm offset and 65.1 center bore. I should be all good right. It seems that every time I arrive at the "I should be all good" I end up being incorrect :) Anyone know for sure?

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Year and Model: 1996 850R Wagon
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Post by dmack87 »

Ended up ordering 4 of these re-manufactured Mimas 16" wheels:



Vredestein Quadtrack 5 in 205/55-16


Should look pretty close to the Volans with another 1.2" of sidewall height.

Volvo Mimas Wheels.jpg

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Post by scot850 »

Not sure what rotor size is fitted to the 850R. If it is a 302mm diameter rotor 16" wheels should fit over the calipers. Just make sure you currently have more than 1/2" of space between the front calipers and 17" rims.

Do yo have a wheel repair shop around your area? Appreciate the 17" wheels are prone to damage due to the rubber bands (tires) fitted to them and their dislike for potholes. I have had alloy wheels straightened for around $80 US up here. They mostly get a slight bend on the inner sides as there is little support to the rim at that point. Like you I had to replace my wheels before I found this local service.

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Post by sventastic »

The bottom picture is with 17" Thors, not the Mimas :P If you went with a 215 section instead of 205, which is highly recommended, you would be much less likely to bend your Volans

850R will have 280mm rotors unless he has upgraded to 302mm. Some 16" wheels do not fit over the 302mm rotors, like Columbas (850 Turbo wheels)

Here's my 850R on 16" Perfos with 205/55/R16 tires and 302mm brakes for reference
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Post by atucker1 »

Hey dmack87, did you end up fitting the Mimas? Considering putting them on my 95 850 Turbo and was wondering if they worked out for you.


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