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1999 V40 T4 sometimes won't start

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1999 V40 T4 sometimes won't start

Post by Boyd » Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:30 pm

Hi all,

I have a problem with my v40 since this time last year where the car sometimes won't start.
It cranks and during the starting it will shut off. Sometimes it will start just fine, sometimes a bit difficult.

When it won't start i have to restart the car between 1-7 times, before it finally starts. And when i do i have to put the key back to position 0, otherwise it won't start anymore at all.
It happens both when the car is cold or warm. Pressing the throttle when starting or waiting a bit for the fuel to travel from the tank before starting doesn't make a difference.

It feels completely random in when it happens, sometimes it happens often, sometimes the car starts fine mutliple times a day.

To show what happens, here's a video

When the car runs no problems occur except that sometimes (once every few weeks) when idle the car will drop its rpm to 250-500 until i start driving again. But when i drive, no check engine or DSA light and no problems with accelerating or whatsoever.
The immobilizer light also doesn't flash when starting.

I've tested and replaced some parts.

Battery is from 2016 and in good condition

- MAF (mass airflow) sensor works fine, starting the car with the MAF disconnected doesn't make a difference.
- RPM and CMP (camshaft) sensor have been replaced.
- MAP sensor replaced.
- Thermostat and ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor have been replaced last year.
- ICV (idle control valve) switched with a working unit.
- Replaced the immobilizer radio antenna ring.

- Pressure regulator is fine, no petrol leaking from the return hose.
- Fuel pump makes a sound when turning the key, have also switched the pump with a working one from a friend, no difference.
- Fuel injectors have also been checked and switched with another set.
- Fuel filter has been replaced 22000km (13000 miles) ago. (Stalled because of empty tank once after that, sp maybe a clogged filter?)
- I checked fuel pressure with a cheap gauge, which gave around 200 kpa (2 bar) (should be 310 kpa (3,1 bar) according to VADIS), but since it was a cheap gauge which soon after failed, i'm not fully trusting the result, but now when i press the schrader valve on the fuel rail, fuel will squirt out, so there seems to be some sort of pressure.

- Spark plugs, spark plug wires and igntion coils all replaced 22k km (13k miles) ago, double checked with other units, and used a spark tester, all seems to be working fine.

- MAF sensor works fine.
- Air filter and box are clean.

Timing belt and all filters have also been replaced 22k km ago.

I've been to the volvo dealer to read out the car, and since its a phase 1(-2000), i can't just use a universal OBD2 scanner.
They didn't know what caused the problem either, but advised me to start with replacing the antenna ring, which i did, but again, the problem was still present.

Right now i'm kinda clueless as what causes this problem, anybody have any suggestions about what else it could be?

I'm thinking that if a sensor is broken i should get a check engine light while driving, so i'm suspecting either the immobilizer or something in the fuel system.