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Mystery problem

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1996 - 2004 V40

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Mystery problem

Post by S40mike » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:12 pm

I have a Volvo S40 2004 1.9L automatic. I have completely run out of ideas as to why I am bringing my problem here. My car started and was driving. Jolting/surging at low RPMs. When I release my foot off the gas it stalls out. When put into reverse it has a hard jolt and dies. When put into drive or any drive able function, stall. I do have an oil leak in the back of the passenger side engine area. Around the rear of the timing belt. It idles rough. Now before I am suggested I have a blown head gasket like most people have told me. I am hard headed on the fact it is not. I hear and feel the engine fuse block ticking in the engine fuse box compartment. This leads me to believe the voltage is getting cut out, causing the engine fuse to stutter therefore messing up the entire groove of my engine. I have tried different fuses to no avail. I have swapped all ignition coils and plugs. I have changed ignition switch fuel injectors,regulator, and fuel rail. I pulled the TCM fuse and the engine began to run completely smooth. Deciding it was a connection from the battery b+ to the fuse box I pulled out my air box, battery, and traced the cable to the box adjusting it. Put everything back together and the problems return, regardless of any fuses being in or pulled. Any ideas would help

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Re: Mystery problem

Post by alschnertz » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:48 pm

Start with the basic, easy and inexpensive things.
Clean the MAF sensor, IAC valve and throttle body.
Check the fuel pressure when cranking and running.

How was the car running before this started happening?

How does the car run if the MAF is unplugged?

Are there any codes?

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