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2000 V40 Cam Seals/ time belt

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2000 V40 Cam Seals/ time belt

Post by nipplemilk909 » Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:39 pm

hello im in need of some help on my volo

Cam gear seals
time belt
crank seal

ive taken apart and done this job just about three times already with the same problem of excessive oil leaking.

could the oring inside the gear be causing this ?

looks like the giant leak is coming from the vvt exhaust gear

ive gone to many junk yard v40s to look at the seals and i got the right one, how do i replace it ? the last three times ive put the seal on the boarder of the block ....

should i put the seal on the gear first then install????

and one more question about the vvt gear, everytime ive taken off the gear i dont see what the people on the youtube videos are talking about but the gear doesnt really have play to mark twice so ive just put the gear on the mmark torqued it , then put the belt on,..... is this wrong ???
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