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03' XC70 Engaging serpentine tensioner

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03' XC70 Engaging serpentine tensioner

Post by Kraig » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:35 pm

Am removing alternator to address over voltage. Hoping a voltage regulator will do the trick.

Hoping this belt release is the most difficult part.

Went and bought a 60 torx and couldn't achieve insertion. I can feel that star hole on the inside side of the belt, but it's so close to the inside of the belt that perhaps socket style TORX I bought might be to fat to seat in that close to the belt. My fingers are not that educated.
Maybe I need to order a specific style of TORX from some place other than Advance/Zone that has a narrower longer profile. Anyone know what and where I might need to go for that tool?

Researched further and another source said 55 TORX, so I plan on getting that also and order if I cant get it to fit. It is so tight a space I cannot hold the socket in my hand to wiggle it in. Previously I moved the computer before to get room to get at the headlight.(It didn't help) It was such a PAI to get that housing back and clipped in with oval gasket seated right. Am wondering now if folks do that to get more space?

Continued research and found a mechanic using a 14 mm socket on the tensioner pulley's center bolt to engage and detention. I can locate that bolt on my pulley, and am wondering if it's safe to use that? It looks easier than getting into that starhole.

Are there odds on this being just regulator or whole alternator? 131,800 on this car. No telling if this is an original alternator but there is a paper sticker mostly worn out says 100% Performance with a checkmark white lettering on black background. Assuming that's not stock?

Think I blew the low beams with over voltage. Sound common?

One guy swapped out the regulator with the alternator in place.
One guy got the alternator loose and turned sideways and swapped out the regulator without wrestling out alternator.
On power steering pump relocation, one tech removed upper hose, another removed lower hose and a third mechanic maneuvered the pump out of the way without disconnecting any hoses.

Some mechanics pulled the fan shroud/assembly others did not.

One fellow pulled the wheel and went in there to get at a bolt, I for get which one.

Am not surprised at how hard this would be to do after lowering bumper to change a lightbulb, the "breaking me in" project of window slides.

Background on this phone equipped 03' XC70 131,800...
I just bought this car and it came with a portable booster that seller had to use every now and then. Sure enough...no big deal. But now the over voltage and reading how how many computers there are, will need practical advice on logically chasing down that mystery drain. One time even with the booster it wouldn't start...with a rare stroke of genius, disconnected the battery, waited and reconnected and boosted for a start. Over voltage went on at home when I started it. So hoping I don't need the alternator too.. Found some worn through wires at headlight. The headlight someone rewired with a different style socket. Taped those up till I can shrinkwrap. Bought this car to survive an accident, and a long wheelbase for bumpy streets. It is truly overpowered. Am truly thankful for all I've learned on this site.
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Re: 03' XC70 Engaging serpentine tensioner

Post by abscate » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:16 am

I thought the P2s went from a Torx to a hex bolt on the counter hold.

There is a great tool from Harbor Freight with a 24 inch handle and crows feet bits that let you easily release tension on the serpentine belt, about $15

The better ABN one with more car options is about $30

I've muddled through with a 18 inch 3/8 bar and crows feet

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Re: 03' XC70 Engaging serpentine tensioner

Post by bepilot » Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:03 am

I've just done the timing belt on my 01' S60 and by memory its a T50 pattern (looks like IPD has a special tool for that job btw https://www.ipdusa.com/products/11344/1 ... -p80-p1-p2 )
I used the T50 bit of my cheapo ratchet set box, coupled with the longest 8mm box wrench I had on hand, just so you can picture:

As for your alternator problem, sorry can't help

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