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V50 Cold engine power issue

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V50 Cold engine power issue

Post by RichardV50 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:03 pm

I have had my 2006 V50 from new - a great car - now with 198,000kms on the clock.
A number of years ago it started misbehaving: cold morning - would start immediately, but on accelerating would lack power and made a rasping noise. This all vanished within a few minutes of driving. No error conditions.
This persisted as Volvo could not find a fault.
This condition deteriated: cold morning - would start immediately and tick-over smoothly, but no engine power to move the car. 5 to 10 minutes sitting at idle - full performance returned. Still Volvo could not find issues but replaced mass flow sensor and other expensive parts to no avail.
Today things became worse - after the warm up idle there was no power, the engine would not pick-up on acceleration even in park. On restarting the engine ran and stalled at idle. After a few attempts to restart all came good and the car ran smoothly with normal response.
Anyone had similar issues with V50 2.4l 5 cylinder petrol? Still a great car, but I need to resolve this problem. Cheers Richard

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