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2004 S60 ABS issues

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2004 S60 ABS issues

Post by ringo98 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:27 am

I have been struggling with an ABS issue on my 2004 S60 AWD for over a year now. Last winter (January 2018), I started getting ABS error codes. I took the car to a shop who read the codes and determined the BCM was bad. ABS error codes included:

BCM-0020: Right front wheel sensor, signal missing
BCM-E003: Configuration fault, faulty configuration
BCM-E000: Control module communication, faulty communication
BCM-0030: Left rear wheel sensor, signal missing
BCM-0010: Left front wheel sensor, signal missing

I sent the unit to Xemodex, and they repaired and returned the unit with BCM-0000: No DTC codes found. I put the BCM back in my car and I still had an intermittent code for the right front wheel sensor (BCM-0020, permanent fault). At that time, more often than not, the ABS light on the dash would come on in the morning, which was generally cold in VT, but not in the evening.

The same symptoms persisted but the ABS light was coming on more and more consistently and not just in the mornings, and now, it does not ever go off. The right front sensor code (BCM-0020) is always there (and does not clear) and sometimes there is a left front sensor code (BCM-0010), which does clear. Also though, in the past few months, the dash brake light and warning 'Brake failure, stop safely' is always on. This will clear with my code reader, but the code comes back when driving over 10 mph.

Given this experience, Xemodex sent out another BCM to rule out the unit. I put that new unit in my car, and I have the same results: constant right front sensor code, ABS light on the dash, and brake light and warning on the dash.

Here's what we've done and/or looked at:

- A year ago, the right front wheel sensor was replaced. No change in the error codes. (We actually had this sensor still around and the resistance was about 940-960 ohms, so this sensor may not have been bad.)

- The resistance of the right and left front wheel sensors, measured from the sensor connector, is about 940-960 ohms, which should indicate they are working.

- The resistance of the right and left front wheel sensors, measured from the BCM wiring harness, is the same 940 ohms. This suggests the wiring to the sensors is okay.

- The reluctor ring on the right front wheel sensor looks okay; slight rust (similar to the left reluctor ring) but no cracks or severely deformed teeth. We actually replaced the left ring (which was interesting), and we could replace the right ring I suppose. Given that the right front code will not clear at all, even when the car is sitting still, I have doubts it's the reluctor ring.

- The right front wheel bearing was replaced about 2 years ago. I've heard a bad wheel bearing can cause wheel sensor issues, so I suspect this relatively recent replacement would rule this out.

- Other possibly related things: The odometer and trip meter will not work when the brake light and warning are on (I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to work). Also, the temperature display on the dash is more often wildly off than correct.

I'm really not sure what to go for next, as we've attempted to rule out what the ABS error codes are indicating. Also, I'm unsure whether the constant/unclearable ABS code will trigger the brake light and warning, or if that is the result of something else.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: 2004 S60 ABS issues

Post by abscate » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:24 am

Did you use a new bolt when you replaced the hub? That bolt is a single use and has to be torqued correctly or you will get ABS codes.

The ABS self tests at 10 mph on each drive cycle so that behavior probably means your BCM is good but is finding bad signals as indicated
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