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Volvo s40 1.8 16v cabin heat problem

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Year and Model: 1998 S40
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Volvo s40 1.8 16v cabin heat problem

Post by bihslk » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:35 am


I have an 1998 Volvo s40 with manual aircontrol without AC

I bought the car and first thing i noticed was thermostat was faulty and i replaced it with new one and got some heat but not
as it should. I even bleed the car system several times so no air trapped I THINK :-)

Noticed that when i press recirculation button i got heat but as soon i turn it off it goes back to colder air.
When change from warm to cold its as it should be but when go back to warm i got just some heat.

But like i mentioned when press on circulation button i get heat directly.

Is there anyone that have some manual of how it looks with the manual aircondition system on this car? What should i look after?

I thougt first that my heater core was blocked but both inlet and outlet under the hood is HOT so circulation is there.
I suspecting some flap that dont close enough so cold air still get in and mixed with warm.

Im sorry for my English but i hope someone can help me. Like i said i have no AC and everything is manual and it doesnt even have cabin air filter

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Re: Volvo s40 1.8 16v cabin heat problem

Post by emtor » Tue Feb 19, 2019 12:09 pm

Since you have manual aircontrol I'm not sure how it works, but I would think you have a temperature knob that controls a servo motor which in turn controls the flap between the warm and cold ports.
Between the motor and the flap is an arm. Check that the arm is where it's supposed to be. It can be accessed by removing the carpet on the center column under the heater console.

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