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recent brake job

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recent brake job

Post by hu5ker555 » Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:51 am

So my 2005 S60 was making some awful screeching sounds from the driver's side rear wheel. The parking brake components had come apart within the drum. I asked the repair shop (Firestone) to fix JUST THE PARKING BRAKE COMPONENTS and put it back together. I had wanted to do all of the brake pads/rotors myself on all 4 wheels. So the shop tells me if they open up the drum, they are required to replace everything on that wheel and everything on the opposite side wheel. Ended up paying $700 for all new brake components at both rear wheels.

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What else am I missing?

Sure miss the days of being able to have the repair shop do what you ask them to do.

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Re: recent brake job

Post by cn90 » Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:41 am

Yes and No...in theory they could have replaced ONLY the drum parts (brake shoes etc.), but the rotors INNER surface is usually bad.

If REAR pads are OK, you can re-use them.

This is why I overhaul REAR brake (shoes, rotors, pads etc.) every 100K b/c the shoe backing material usually falls off by then, making a lot of noise.

I posted the DIY in forum (REAR brake overhaul for either 2004 V70 or 2005 XC90 etc.).

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Re: recent brake job

Post by EngineeringBloke » Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:06 am

As cn90 mentions, the parking brake shoes push against a surface of the rotor for the rears. If that surface is damaged and cannot be machined then it makes sense to replace the rotors. And then if the pads are in a poor condition, you would not want to damage the new rotors with bad pads so those get changed too.

I think you got an offer from Firestone, that they would do everything on the rears. it is up to you to accept that or try another mechanic who might be more reasonable.

I had a stuck rear caliper and had my mechanic fix it and one new caliper, 2 rotors and pads ended up being about $600 (or so). As I had priced it, I was a little shocked at the extra on the parts and the labor cost. I soon after did tackle the parking brakes. I put on new shoes, springs, the 'h'-separator, but failed to get the expander released from the parking brake cable so I just reused it. This restored the parking brake so I could pass inspection.

I then did the front brakes with new rotors and pads and was pleased with the outcome. The fronts cost about $200, but I also spent about $100 in tools and various chemicals (lubes, cleaners, new torque wrench, etc).
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Re: recent brake job

Post by chrism » Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:25 am

If nothing else they should have told you at the get-go, BEFORE they tore it apart, "Mr. hu5ker, we would be more than happy to look into your brake problem, however I must let you know that if we take it apart we have to replace everything inside, on both sides, for a total of $XXX.xx. NOT wait and tell you after it's all apart.

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Re: recent brake job

Post by Rattnalle » Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:58 am

The parking brake surface really isn't very important since its only ever used when stationary (if you want to stay alive). Uneven brake feel isn't a thing there.

I'd replace just the brake shoes if everything else was ok. Though if I was planning to do it all later I'd do it all right there so I didn't have to take it apart again.

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Re: recent brake job

Post by abscate » Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:21 pm

Four hours labor with quality parts would come in at about $700

Just the front brake pads on the E83 Bavarian Money Waster were $90

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Re: recent brake job

Post by oragex » Thu Feb 21, 2019 5:00 pm

It is expensive but that's what garages do.. take our money. Brake jobs is what they like the most - and perhaps make the most quick profits. Worth searching a little on local.google.com for other garages around and read if they have any reviews.

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Re: recent brake job

Post by greg850r » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:46 pm

hu5ker555 wrote:
Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:51 am
Sure miss the days of being able to have the repair shop do what you ask them to do.
Sounds like they're full of it to me. I would never do business with that shop again.

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