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daily driver budget build

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Joined: Tue Mar 19, 2019 1:20 pm
Year and Model: 2003 p2 s60 t5 at
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daily driver budget build

Post by bobsp2s60t5 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:05 pm

what up fellow volvo ppl
so as a dumb college student often does ive turned my daily driver 2003 s60 t5 at FWD into a project car :D :twisted:
this is my first project car and volvo but ive done my share of major engine work so i can do most things myself(drivetrain rebuilds, engine rebuilds, typical na maintenance)...only on fords toyotas and hondas.

the car so far:
-regular maintenance (oil, coolant, spark plugs, gonna do the psteering soon, breaks)
-t belt and tensioners
-trans flush
-currently doing entire pcv and cleaning all intake/ic piping >:( (@%!$&&@(*^^@[email protected]!$&^!%^[email protected]#$!
-new top e mount
-cv boots
-probs forgetting smthn lol
-and a partridge in a pear tree holding some ipd sways :P

ive got 4 questions for u guys

1. my goal is a fun DD that wont kill me on gas or $$$ in mods. im hoping to get close to 270whp with an obx dp + magniflow cat+ short side exit 3 inches all around and a decent tune (hilton stg2?) with everything else stock (maybe an upgraded ic but its usually cold as balls here so probs not worth it as all my stock pipes r lookin good). RELIABILITY MUST NOT BE SACRIFICED (i wanna b in da 500k club :P ). am i dreaming? any other reccomendations.

2.should i pop an external trans cooler in there. should i run this into the ground and attempt a manual swap :D (ik i said money is an issue but u know...manual funtimes)

3.vac lines...anything other than the 3 turbo lines i should change (thinking 5mm with hd zipties)...pierburg tcv or ipd

4. in terms of suspension and handling im hoping xc90 seats and new stock components will b enough with the sways (also looking at ipd hd ball joints poly subframe bushings), poly control arm bushings or stock control arm ?(also are the CA bushings vulcanized bc i cant find info on replacing them with stock bits). which tie rods are the best bang for buck. KEEP IN MIND this is a DD for canadian roads aka basically offroading with this amount of potholes...i figured koni/bilstien/fancy suspension will be too stiff. in short what is your reccomendation for a comfortable responsive and affordable suspension tune up.

so out of all of this is there anything im missing maintenance wise...are my hp goals and mods a fantasy...any good mods im overlooking. ultimately i want a reliable way to chase bimmers around on my commute that wont break the tiny student bank.

thanks and sorry if a lot of this has been answered ive seen lots of old posts on a lot of things but not much for reaching 270 and id like some more recent opinions.

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Re: daily driver budget build

Post by Georgeandkira » Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:09 am

You've put the cart before the horse.
Look into what it takes to "tune" a car before you even think about hardware.

Are you chipping the car physically or buying a "tuner box" which allows you to switch (for annual inspections etc.)? It's funny that you mention IPD but don't mention their flagship products.

The pipes and suspension bits come secondarily.

Switching from an automatic to a manual trannie will require some real CANBUS knowledge. CANBUS is a sprawling brain containing a dozen or so separate ganglia all of which are addressed to each other. Brain surgery on one part (removing one TCM for another) may not be possible....even on your surprisingly high student budget. If you do accomplish this feat, you'll be able to skip the transmission cooler.

You must be an amazingly fast worker if you can do all this on a daily driver. I'm thinking you should shed this 200000km vehicle and simply get something closer to what you want.

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Re: daily driver budget build

Post by Rattnalle » Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:18 am

A T5 will deliver the power you want and more with a stage 1 software tune alone. Nothing else needed. Just keep up on the maintenance. Tuning on this and any modern car is done using the computer interface. Hardware chips isn't a thing anymore as long as you still use the original cars computer hardware.

A manual swap isn't something easily done. If you really want a manual replace the car before you put work into it. It's easier.

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Year and Model: 2003 p2 s60 t5 at
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Re: daily driver budget build

Post by bobsp2s60t5 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 1:59 pm

thanks for the input guys
i guess ill just keep the auto as long as i can
and as far as my working speed....public transit is good around here
should have mentioned the stage 0 process (including most of the parts i mentioned) was mostly finished by the previous owner who was a volvo mechanic and i got the car with all kinds of spare fluids and a sub woofer for 4000 plus some fancy konig rims wrapped in dunlop hps. doin the pcv and replacing vacuum lines fluids harness covers myself has come out to 300 and since the custom exhaust will be made of mostly parts i already have minus a 300$ downpipe, thats not too bad for a turboback exhaust. i figured about 1.5k on suspension and a tune. total 6100 for some decent reliable speed is a budget car in my book...maybe throw in a couple more hundred for any surprises, still not bad. if the stage 1 gets me to 270 ill probably stop there which saves a few hundred as well.

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Re: daily driver budget build

Post by abscate » Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:23 pm

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see sticky above.

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