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V70 2006 D5 185HP EGR throttle position sensor - Powerloss

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Year and Model: V70 D5 2006 185 HP
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V70 2006 D5 185HP EGR throttle position sensor - Powerloss

Post by calle799 » Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:00 am


I got some problems with my Volvo V70 2006 D5 185HP (Euro 4). I was out and driving like usual and suddenly i lost power and it felt like the turbo does not work also a message came that the engine needs service.

I took my Delphi computer and got 3 fault codes. 1 for the swirl flaps,1 for the Glow plug control (P6665) and the last one for the EGR throttle position sensor faulty signal (P44B0 / P4450)

The first ting i checked was the swirl arm, it was boken. I buyed a new arm and new flaps and installed it. The old one was not in good condition. One falut code gone but still i dont have any power.

The glowplug fault code comes and goes. I think this one has nothing with the powerloss to do or?

So, the big problem is the EGR throttle position sensor faulty signal.. I have cleand the EGR (without removing it), hoosing and the throttle. I have replace the black electronic cover that is on the EGR and i still have the same issue. The code comes back as soon as i start the engine and the car has not any power. The parameters for the EGR is stuck on 99.94%

So, what should i do next.. Replace the EGR? (Have read so many threads where people has changed the EGR and still got the problem), is it maybe some conector problem? Vacuumleaks? I also started thinking maybe it could be other fault like a full DPF or something like that or what do you think?

Best regards

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