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2007 S80 3.2L parking brake light illuminated

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2007 S80 3.2L parking brake light illuminated

Post by jmstimko » Mon Apr 22, 2019 7:14 am

Hello S80 owners,

I have a 2007 S80 with 220K miles that uses a manual parking brake. Just recently, the parking brake light in the top right corner of the dashboard display has been coming on. It appears the parking brake itself is very slightly loose. If I pull up on it with my hand, the light will turn off. It barely moves, but enough to turn it off. Historically, the parking brake is never used and works fine if engaged. The annoyance is the car will chime when driving if the parking brake light illuminates.

My question: should I just remove the fuse so it doesn't illuminate since the parking brake is never used, if so, can anyone tell me which fuse it is? Or does the parking brake itself need replaced?

Thanks for the feedback!