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Sacer TPS Installed... poor idle and tons of codes

Do you have a failing Electronic Throttle Module? What steps to take if you do, plus the latest ETM news. Volvo 1999-2002 models only please.
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Sacer TPS Installed... poor idle and tons of codes

Post by bmdubya1198 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:56 pm

Well I decided to install my Sacer contactless TPS on my ETM, and it seems I've massively screwed something up. Once I started the car upon re-installation, it starting idling like it was running on 3 cylinders. ETS and check engine lights are on, and I have a collection of codes in VIDA, which is attached in a screenshot below. I also ran the ETM test in VIDA, I'll post that screenshot as well. It seems there's a problem.

This ETM was removed from a 1999 C70 manual, and my car is a 2000 V70R, which of course was originally automatic but now has an M56. I have the original ETM which had failed, but when I was trying to install the magnet for the new TPS, I stripped out the shaft, and I decided to use this kit on the 1999 ETM that I have had in the car as preventive maintenance and to attempt to solve a low boost/strange throttle behavior issue. No obvious issues with the ETM prior to installing the Sacer TPS except that the throttle seemed to stay open for a second upon shifting, causing the RPM to spike as high as 6,500 between shifts (hell on my clutch). I would have to let off the throttle a couple seconds before depressing the clutch to avoid the RPM spikes.
I don't know that it was the ETM causing this problem, but as I said, I wanted to do this as preventive maintenance.

As far as compatibility, I wanted to rebuilt the original, because the current ETM (from the '99) seemed to be whining. It makes a high pitched buzzing sound while the car is idling. Once you rev it, it goes away. It's not the same tone you get when you turn the ignition on before you hear the throttle close, it's louder and almost "wavy", if that makes sense.

Anyway, did I do something wrong? I followed the Sacer instructions exactly, and I soldered everything properly and filled the cavities in with RTV silicone sealant. I guess I'll have to pull the ETM once again to investigate, but are there any tests I can do without removing it, aside from the test within VIDA?

I also notice the CEL and ETS lights flashing, but not like the car is intentionally causing them to flash. It's faint, like it's losing signal and regaining it. Almost like seeing an LED on camera, if that makes sense. I'm assuming this is related to the first two codes listed, but I can't find anything wrong with the connection between the cluster and ECU (which is what those codes refer to).
etm test sacer.PNG
etm test sacer.PNG (34.23 KiB) Viewed 152 times
4.24 codes.PNG
The first two codes were already present.

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