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2018 S60 T5 AWD - Reverse quirks

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2018 S60 T5 AWD - Reverse quirks

Post by s2zeller » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:23 am

I have a few things in my 2018 S60 Dynamic that I think are problems, but I just wanted to make sure it isn't just user error before I spend the time to take it into the dealership:

1) The tracking line overlay on the rear camera doesn't always appear. Pushing the CAM button will restore it, but I never knowingly turn the overlay off.

2) Sometimes I only get a partial image showing on the rear display. That is, the display looks like I'm only seeing a small section of what should be the entire picture. Again, the CAM button restores the picture to showing the full area behind the car.

3) When I'm backing into a stall, I will be going slowly and occasionally stop just to make sure everything is OK along the sides of the car. Most of the time, I just have to lift my foot off the brake to resume moving in reverse. Occasionally (once every couple of weeks), I actually have to tap the accelerator in order to get the car to move. Typically in those cases I pull forward slightly first since I usually have little room for error behind me. This does happen when going forward (during the parking process), but much more rarely (once every couple of months).

Any insight is greatly appreciated, if nothing else so I can talk to the dealership a little more intelligently.