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Radiator upper neck plastic rim fix (probably any model volvo)

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Radiator upper neck plastic rim fix (probably any model volvo)

Post by Mikele82 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:24 am

So my upper coolant hose lodged off. turns out the mechanic closed the clamp too close to the edge and it broke edge rib that stops the coolant hose slipping off.
The mechanic said the whole radiator needs replacement because of that. (500$ by a mechanic or 300-150$parts+diy)
but why replace the whole unit if only the little edge rim broke off...
So I just did this old Mercedes trick = 12$.
https://mercedessource.com/store/plasti ... repair-kit
The trick is usually to strengthen it prior to it breaking but with a slight modification its also a fix.

Copper pipe 3$
hi-temp epoxy cement 4$
small stainless screw
A half of a 'hose to hose' connector (5$ 'radiator hose fix kit')

I forgot to take all the pictures of the process, but here is what I have:
First, take coolant fluid out (drain or pump out a bit and use gloves, coolant fluid is toxic) I put a big plastic bag under the top coolant hose for protecting from coolant fluid drops and then disassembled it and dry any coolant residue.

A1- plug the top hole with some foam so no plastic debris falls into the radiator.
A2 - sand inside and out with ruff grit for better hold of epoxy cement
A3 - measure the inner diameter and get a close match copper pipe/tube to fit inner diameter. my xc70 was at about 1.1"

B1 - I couldn't find the exact diameter so got the slightly oversized one.
B2 - Clamp it and cut it open (red line) so you can squeeze it into size.
B3 - Sand the outer surface of copper pipe

C1 - Close it with a hose clamp and check it fits perfect
C2 - Drill one hole on the side through plastic and copper pipe (first plastic, then mark pipe and drill and clean the pipe outside the assembly)
C3 - Check the assembly works with the bolt.
C4 - With clamp on pipe, apply epoxy cement on outer copper and inner plastic.
C5- Insert in a circular motion, align with pre-drill hole and release hose clamp.
C6 - Apply a bit of epoxy on a stainless screw and put it in.
C7 - Clean inside any epoxy residue

PULL OUT "A1" debris foam plug (if you didn't already)

D1 - Cut the 'hose to hose plastic' in half.
D2 - Sand the inside for epoxy grip
D3 - Apply epoxy on plastic and copper hose.
D4 - Insert over the copper edge in a circular motion
D5 - Clean residue epoxy

Wait for cure
I used a 5hr hi-temp epoxy cement so final cure time is about 24hrs.
you can use 5 min epoxy with a shorter final cure, just be sure you are able to fit parts well in time.

Once cured attach coolant hose and clamps (best if new clamp set) and fill coolant.
note to run engine idle and squeeze top coolant hose to get bubbles out and then check and top off the fluid.

It has been a year now and had no heat issues or leaks.
180,000mil XC70 2004


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