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Low coolant Topic is solved

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Low coolant  Topic is solved

Post by MDK »

Hey all....so, I might have jumped the gun..( which I do sometimes) So, the R car .. when I would start it up..it would stumble serveral times and then just idle. When I got the code the other day...I knew I needed a fuel pressure sensor. I also was getting the "low coolant" prompt. So, today I I got both of them out of the scrap yard from a 2004 S60 AWD. The car isn't "stumbling "anymore but I still get the prompt. I was playing around with the "reset"button on the steering wheel stalk. I got it to say zero messages and 1 second later ..low coolant. 2 bad sensors? I guess there's a VOLVO way to reset it. Does anyone know? While I was in there...I replaced the loom around the injectors. As always any insight would be appreciated... MDK
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