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Oil use and leak

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Oil use and leak

Post by Karenz4 »

I have a 2011c70t5 that uses oil and has an engine oil leak. Seems to use too much fuel too. Also some smoke at exhaust when it sits at an idle for five minutes or so.
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Re: Oil use and leak

Post by Clemens »

The T5s are not designed to sit idle for a long time Volvo claims. If it has an oil leak, go figure out where it is. You might need to redo the PCV system (do the glove test). If your crank pressure is too high oil might be pushed out of various seals and gaskets. If you still lose oil AFTER doing the PCV and passing the glove test, ATP 205 might help cure worn seals.

Btw., you are in the sub section for cars up to 2000.
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Re: Oil use and leak

Post by greg850r »

Is the smoke black? The oil leak might not be related to it.
I don't know if they still have a vacuum operated fuel return regulator under the fuel rail in 2011 like my late 90s cars do, but someone who does will see this and tell us. If there's fuel in the vacuum line to that it is bad and you'll get black smoke at an idle and poor mileage.
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