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2001 Volvo What turbo do I have?

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2001 Volvo What turbo do I have?

Post by CanadianSteel » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:51 am

So I keep getting over boost condition in my car to the point that it blew off the intake at the throttle body last night. Connected it back on and the car is running fine.

Through my research I have found that it is most likely the actuator. Now finding a new actuator is like finding chickens teeth. I did find one that is $199.99 plus shipping. But at the same point i have seen turbos that come with the actuator (rebuilt) for $250.00.

Here is the problem the year of my vehicle has 4 different turbos.

I have a 2001 volvo v70 XC 2.4L Turbo. The engine code is B5244T3 meaning that it has a mitsubishi TD04 turbo.

I though at this point I was golden. Well apprently not because there is a TD04, TD04HL, ect. Not only that but there is different pressures as well.

All I want to know is which turbo fits onto my car without adding any adapters.


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Re: 2001 Volvo What turbo do I have?

Post by erikv11 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:59 pm

You can be sure about which TD04HL turbo your car has by looking at the model number on the plate, it looks like this (this one is a 13G):


It will be oily down there, just wipe it clean.

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Re: 2001 Volvo What turbo do I have?

Post by abscate » Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:48 am

The used market is flooded with turbos because every used parts grifter goes to junkyards, pulls of the turbo because they look cool, and then sticks it in eBay for $350. Just like mine.

You can get them for $100 or less

If you just need the actuator I can pull it off mine and send for postage. If you can wait a bit I’ll send from Montreal’s and save customs

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