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Upgrade to HU-803 and KEEP steering wheel controls

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Upgrade to HU-803 and KEEP steering wheel controls

Post by Ringo »

I currently have a HU-613 radio installed in my 2006 XC70 and I want to find a HU-803 from a junk donor car that will still allow for me to use the steering wheel controls. I think I read that the steering controls will work if the 803 comes from another estate wagon style body but will not work if they come from a sedan body (S60, S80)

I have searched but can't really find the answer. Can someone please confirm which years/body styles/ models might have a stock HA-803 that will work with my XC70 so that I still have steering wheel controls (and everything else works too). And if there are differences in the dash/trim between years please let me know what I should watch for?

I have purchased a center speaker and a PA-300 amplifier and I have the wire harness to connect the HU to the amp.
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Re: Upgrade to HU-803 and KEEP steering wheel controls

Post by kranz »

Are you sure you have a HU-613?

In 2005 the HU-613 was replaced by the HU-650 which has a different geometry and mounting bezel. So a HU-613 physically won't fit in a 2006 V70. In 2005 the HU-803 was replaced by the HU-850 which has a different geometry and mounting bezel. So a HU-803 won't fit in a 2006 V70.

The radios from an S80 won't fit in a S60 or V70.

If you have a 2006 XC70 you should be looking for a HU-850.

Sometime between 2001 and 2004 the interface between head unit and steering wheel changed. So to find a radio that was compatible with a 2001-2004 S60 or V70 the rule of thumb was to find a unit that first had the same color (grey vs black) and second had a similar manufacture date. The closer the manufacture date, the greater the probability that the steering wheel controls would work.
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