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Jack Recommendation: Powerbuilt 620470 Unijack 4000lb

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Jack Recommendation: Powerbuilt 620470 Unijack 4000lb

Post by Eddystone » Thu Jul 25, 2019 1:49 pm

I'd like to recommend the Powerbuilt 620470 4000lb, Unijack 4000lb on Amazon for $67.99 as of July 2019. It is very stable and does what it is designed to do just beautifully. (Don't get greedy and buy the larger 6000 lb unit because you will find that it is too tall to use conveniently on a small Volvo.)

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GJJZ5YC/re ... UTF8&psc=1

I have had this contraption for about a year, have been thoroughly satisfied with it, and no longer lug jack stands out to where I work on my car. This is a very compact and very safe piece of equipment.

The way I use it is to lift the car at the jacking point using my cheap and (so far) reliable 3000 lb Harbor Freight jack (which I don't trust to hold the car up). Once the body has been raised a few inches, you can fit the UniJack (8-5/8" tall) under the car and place it as you would a jack stand at some hard point. If the car has been jacked up pretty high, you can raise the jack stand shaft up and lock it in place with a heavy pin. Once that is done, you can continue to raise the car using the built-in bottle jack. As the bottle jack raises the jack stand, the jack stand shaft ratchets upward with a second locking pin that falls into place under each ratchet. It is therefore as sturdy as a jack stand which is locked in place. I usually leave the floor jack in place while I work.

To lower the car, you need to go through the reverse process. Unlock the jack stand shaft ratchet pin by raising the bottle jack. Then release the pressure in the bottle jack by opening the valve to lower the car until the weight is only on the floor jack, and then the UniJack can be removed. Then you lower the car to the ground using the floor jack.

I don't get completely under the car that much, and I might want another jack stand in some circumstances, but I trust this UniJack completely once it is locked in place with the safeties on.

I have a monster 6000 lb floor jack that I used to use in my garage, when I had a garage. It rolls just fine, but is too heavy for me to pick up and carry around. At present, I work on my car under a shade tree in the back corner of a parking lot behind my house and have to lift everything over a fence and low retaining wall to get to my work area. So, I've had to improvise. The UniJack is very compact and is often left in my car, so it could actually supplement the Volvo OEM jack if needed on the road.
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