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2002 V70 Brake Pedal Position Sensor Connector

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2002 V70 Brake Pedal Position Sensor Connector

Post by docker »

My Volvo has 3-pin brake pedal position sensor. However the brake pedal position sensor connector does not give me a perfect fit(no click, loose) which causes intermittent cruse control. Any idea?
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Re: 2002 V70 Brake Pedal Position Sensor Connector

Post by oragex »

The small green connector must have a locking tab that secures onto the switch unit. These switch units are very tricky to remove from their metal bracket - assuming a previous owner didn't know how to remove the switch, he may have pulled and damaged by grabbing the connector and damaged the locking tab of the connector. May go to a junkyard and see how a good connector looks, and perhaps cut off one and install it to your car by splicing the wires (no welding)

Also look at the switch itself sits properly onto the metal bracket, just in case
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Re: 2002 V70 Brake Pedal Position Sensor Connector

Post by Goldchemist »

Hey docker, I assume you figured this out since its been over 6 months. In case you haven't. I ran into a similar issue on my 2006 S60 AWD 2.5T.

My cruise control wasn't working consistently. I read on the forum that it could be the brake pedal position sensor. I watched the FCP Euro video and it looked pretty straight forward. Then I spent approximately two hours trying to push the new sensor into its 'locked' position. Just when I was about to run out into traffic I had an idea. And it worked beautifully. The rubber O-ring that comes with the sensor needs to be seated around the tiny 'lip'. The arrow in the picture points at the tiny 'lip'. Don't pay attention to the red square I added to the picture accidentally.

With the O-ring seated properly, the sensor should snap right in. With the O-ring not seated properly I don't think I would have ever gotten it to 'lock' in. I hope this helps someone else.

This sensor wasn't easy to get out at first either. I used a small flat head screw driver to push the metal ring up a little, then slid another longer flathead under the ring and pulled the ring off. In hindsight it shouldn't have been that difficult. You could just use the original ring, just pry it a little bit, slide the old sensor out, then slide the new one in. As I said, the most difficult part was figuring out that the o-ring needed to be seated in the right spot for the sensor to snap in.
Brake Pedal Position Sensor
Brake Pedal Position Sensor
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