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Volvo S40 2.0T 314 code, high idle and fluctuation problem

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Volvo S40 2.0T 314 code, high idle and fluctuation problem

Post by Catalin24 »

Hello! I'm new here but I'm in need of help really badly.
My radiator started leaking and in end I managed to blow the head gasket. I took the the car to a local shop to fix it and here the problems started.
The car originally had the B4204T engine but it got swapped with an B4204T3 (2002 year I think)., the swap happend about 10 years ago when it had a major accident in the front end. They ordered the gasket set for the B4202T and some of the gaskets didn't fit, like the camshaft's seals. One of my many questions is: The head gasket from the T engine is the same as for the T3 engine? At the shop I was told that all the holes lined up.
My main problem right now is that they did the timing belt as well, but they managed to loose the timing sprockets location on the camshafts themself. What I mean is that they had to take off the sprockets in order to remove the valvetrain cover. They tried to mark the location of the sprokets but they eventually lost the original location. They did not use a camshaft locking tool as they didn't had one.
They tried to time the engine and the first time it did not had compression and then they turned 180* the exhaust cam and it looked like it had compression(or some compression). Started the engine without the cam position sensor and it started fine and without a long cranking problem. What you would call starts on the button. The first time is started without the CPS and it idled at 2000 rpm. After mounting the CPS and staring it again it idled at 1500 for a while and then it started hunting really badly, surging from ~1500-2000rpm. Stopped it and restarted it for a 3rd time after a few minutes and it idled at 1300-1500rpm scanned the ECU and it has a 314 error code which looked to be Camshaft Position Sensor.
The engine seems a bit noisy, but when they spun it by hand it did not hit on anything. Like a bit tappy. The valve clearances we're done.

My questions are:
1. What is the correct procedure to get the VVT sprocket in the right position again? Could it be done without the cam locking tool?
2. Could the timing be off by a few tooth's and that's my high idle problem and that haunting?
3. I've read somewhere that the ECU checks the crank position sensor signal and the camshaft position sensor and if they are not matched (timing is correct) it gives that 314 camshaft position sensor error. Is that correct?
4. How can I now if the timing is off just a little?
Note: The VVT system is off right now as I think the car uses the old ECU and the normal T didn't had VVT. So no plug is connected to the VVT solenoid.
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