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Help Identifying this Line?

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Help Identifying this Line?

Post by Taskmaster »

I did the PCV box on my 2006 XC70 and while troubleshooting another issue now I noticed this line/connector loose and it looks like it should be clipped in somewhere. I don't recall disconnecting it's support. It is under the drivers side of the air intake manifold
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Re: Help Identifying this Line?

Post by jimmy57 »

that is the evaporations valve or canister purge valve. The hard line on side comes from charcoal canister at back of the car. The rubber hose goes to a T and the two branches pass through check valves and one is to intake and the other goes behind head down to the fresh air pipe from air cleaner to turbo. The rubber hanger you point to slides over a metal tongue that I believe to be in this picture to the right and above the valve below the rubber hose. Back under the intake is one of the check valves mentioned for the line that goes up and connects to a nipple on the intake on the lump. The lump is a protrusion directly opposite where throttle bolts on.
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Re: Help Identifying this Line?

Post by oragex »

As above. That's a solenoid inside that opens to get the vapors from the gas tank into the intake. Just be sure the electrical connector is fully pushed in. I would try attaching the sensor back to its hook, but it should be working fine even in that position - unless you notice a Check engine light (little chance). It's a black small hook on the engine block. You can disconnect the hard line if you need by pressing on both sides on the small bumps
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