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V60 Downshifting in manual mode

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V60 Downshifting in manual mode

Post by BrianV70 » Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:14 pm

Howdy folks -

2016 V60 T5 FWD, 8 speed auto, 35,000 miles

We bought this as a CPO. Wife got a Tesla Model 3, so I drive this now. Its fine, but I find it cramped compared to my former '00 V70 XC, and the sloping roofline and hatch takes up a lot of cargo space. Whatever...

Anyway. I drive occasionally in manual mode in the mountains when I'm on curvy roads and/or steep grades. When you downshift, the car rev matches, which is fine, but its like there is no engine braking. Seems like its programmed for smooth shifts, and keeps the throttle on a bit. You don't get any weight transfer to the front wheels into a corner, or much engine braking at all.

Is this normal? Have we all been brainwashed by electronic nannies? Is there a setting buried 8 menus deep?

This car would be great with a 6MT :(


(I miss my SAAB)

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Re: V60 Downshifting in manual mode

Post by MoVolvos » Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:55 pm

The 8 speed in the Altas is the same way. The number of gears provide a smooth up and down shift so there is comfort and perhaps fuel economy as you don't nearly rev as high going to the next gear unless you WOT for whatever reason. Takes the feel and fun out of the driving experience. My son thinks out of our 5 vehicles the 03 Odyssey has the most car feel because it has a throttle cable. With the rear helper springs it acts as a sway bar so can handle turns very fast and neutral.

He gets to drive a lot because he is still on his permit and I want him to have the ability to get a feel for all types of vehicle. Good thing he is an enthusiast so pays attention to these things. He said yesterday when driving that the Atlas is such a boat, smooth but a boat.
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Re: V60 Downshifting in manual mode

Post by jimmy57 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:05 am

The 2.0 engine has something near zero engine braking in any Volvo and many others I've driven. The low tension ring tech used almost universally has increased consumption of oil when closed throttle and resulting high vacuum occurs. Also higher emissions occurs when you lift completely off throttle and it goes to minimal opening. As a result of these factors few close throttle until the engine speed falls to the speed where injection commences once again and idle speed regulation is needed. Also the OVERWHELMING majority of drivers don't care about engine braking but do care about downshift comfort on coast up to a stop.

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