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940 IAC - is it supposed to be wide open, or shut, with no power?

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940 IAC - is it supposed to be wide open, or shut, with no power?

Post by SmittySmithsonite » Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:52 am

New member here. My expertise is on domestic vehicles. Trying to diagnose a bad IAC on this 940 with no service info - frustrating as hell!

Vehicle - '95 Volvo 940 wagon 2.3L 4-cylinder, Bosch system.

All my testing has narrowed it down to the IAC. What I want to know is, as the unit is sitting in my hand, should I be seeing right inside the unit through the port that's pointing down in the first pic? From what I've been reading, this should be closed off with no power applied. Also, this unit has 2 pins - not 3 - for the electrical connection. When I energize the unit, the shutter flips around briefly, and can barely be seen through the port. I can blow air through it regardless of having 12v at the pins, or 0v at the pins.

Thing looks fairly new, and is extremely clean inside as you can see. I sprayed some silicone spray in there to lube and clean things up a bit (not that it needed it - just in case it may have been sticking). Anyone ever looked inside one of these, or better yet, anyone have a known good one laying around to look at? I suspect I should be seeing the shutter closing off that port when there's no voltage applied to the pins. I just need 100% confirmation of this.

Any and all info will be greatly appreciated!

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Re: 940 IAC - is it supposed to be wide open, or shut, with no power?

Post by jimmy57 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:47 pm

It should have a rest position for that valve that should give 900-1200 RPM idle.

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