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Help trouble shooting 240 dL that won't idle..

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Help trouble shooting 240 dL that won't idle..

Post by Jamvo » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:33 pm

Hello and thanks for any help!!
I recently started to fix up an 87 240 DL in the US, so that’s a b230f auto. It ran fine before, sometimes died when going into gear but was fine with gas. Now I replaced the engine harness and cleaned all the connections and what I could up, and I’ve run into two/three issues. Mainly that now it won’t idle for long. It starts up fine and will go a good 10 seconds before it chokes and dies, if you give it gas it’ll rev up but will immediately start choking again after.
1. I cleaned the TB when I removed the intake (new gasket on intake) and I may have messed up the tps? It clicks like it should but I don’t have an ohm meter to check it. Can I just unplug it and see if it doesn’t stall?
2. 1 injector maybe leaking a tiny bit, but it just looks damp around the base of injector and I have new o-rings to put in. But I plan to replace the pcv soon so I want to wait until that comes and I’ll take the intake off again..
3. I wasn’t completely sure on where the vacuum lines all connected nor could I find a good diagram.. mainly the big pcv hose
4. Does the wire to the injectors have a specific order or can anyone go to any spot?

Any help is appreciated. I double checked the grounds, and everything I touched seems hooked up properly.

Thanks again. This is my first big project (where I’m doing more than suspension work or something) and it’s been a great experience! Hope my Vo can be on the road soon!

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Re: Help trouble shooting 240 dL that won't idle..

Post by 93Regina » Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:10 pm

Removing injectors with fuel rail....energize fuel pumps quickly...

Or, remove spark plugs, and energize fuel pumps for several seconds or more...do you smell fuel in one of the cylinders?

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Re: Help trouble shooting 240 dL that won't idle..

Post by volvolugnut » Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:48 am

Sounds like you have a fuel supply problem. If this car has sat for a while before you started to fix up, it may have clogged fuel lines, clogged fuel filters ( I believe has in tank and external fuel filters) or failing fuel pumps ( I believe it has in tank and main fuel pumps). Start checking by directing fuel hose at engine into a safe contained and cranking engine. Should get a good stream of clear fuel. If weak stream or dirty, work your way back to tank.


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