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Ford power steering fluid?

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Re: Ford power steering fluid?

Post by jimmy57 »

For most people the fluid used would not make any difference. When 960s came out there were some noise complaints about thump on full lock turns. When the 1995 960 front suspension revision occurred it was a LOT worse. Larger hoses, smaller hoses, restrictors, spacers to keep the cooler loop from rattling were done. Changing to the Pentosin fluid was the most effective cure. Some P3 models in 100+ degree areas will get noisy if the fluids are mixed but again not everyone will have the problem. It usually takes stop n go low speed driving where P/S cooler is not as effective and then the driver does parallel parking where some time at rack full lock and pressure going to relief valve opening pressure will occur. Then the frothy fluid from dissolved gas occurs. The 2010 XC60 I got when I lost test car does this and it goes away pretty quick. It has fluid that looks to have been mixed based on color.
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Re: Ford power steering fluid?

Post by Rattnalle »

My 2004 V70 owners manual clearly states nothing but the CHF fluid may be used. VIDA says the same IIRC. The fluid is too cheap and the power steering to expensive to fix to be worth any experiments.

If it's unclear what's in there I'd buy a litre and change all of it.
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Re: Ford power steering fluid?

Post by oragex »

MoVolvos wrote: Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:40 pm -
Trust Me the Red ATF III or anything exceeding or compatible will work. JS3309 Multi-Vehicle Trans-Fluid will work.

Experience: 20+ yrs volvo technician, Ase A1-A8, L1, A/C certified
Volvo Mechanic: Mike, volvo Tech

"you should use the volvo power steering fluid, but if I recall correctly in your owners manual it still state you can use ATF dexron III. I will double check and get back to you in a couple of minutes. thanks Mike

With due respect but age or experience don't mean a mechanic is not wrong

If I remember well, the Volvo handbook was wrong about the ATF. Simply a mistake - yes, it can happen. The book was also wrong about the weight on the car.

The p/s will still work on ATF, but why take a chance ? And what kind of wear will it cause? Later Volvo corrected the information and now if we call 10 Volvo dealers most of them will say it takes the CHF stuff
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Re: Ford power steering fluid?

Post by volvolugnut »

The more I learn about oils and lubrication, the more I worry about getting them wrong. And oils/fluids keep getting more specialized with additives for cleaning, friction modification, water tolerance and all important viscosity at temperature range.

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Re: Ford power steering fluid?

Post by Georgeandkira »

Old red trannie fluid is how I got my first V70. A guy's "buddies" tended his car at the hanger where he worked.
The pump grew noisy.
I bought the car and a flush with Volvo fluid silenced it for 40K....then it died.
The junk yard pump had pale green fluid dripping from it.
I used and have been using Pentosin CHF-11S with happiness ever since.
The value of the Pentosin over branded Volvo is, in this case, well established.
Buy online with confidence.

ps I was one of the ones who picked up on Volvo's failure to update the manuals to include provision of synthetic P/S fluid.
Volvo dealers near me were still stocking Castrol ATF for P/S systems YEARS after the pale green stuff made their debuts in Volvo showrooms.
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Re: Ford power steering fluid?

Post by MoVolvos »

DEX III is long, long gone and I've only used Swepco 714 in the power steering as far as I can remember in all the cars I've own except for the Hondas. Used in the transmission and power steering of the 231K 98 S70 T5 I use to own. Smooth as butter!

https://www.swepcolube.com/sites/defaul ... j11005.pdf

https://www.swepcolube.com/products/swe ... sion-fluid


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