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P0455 Evap Code 1999 S70 GLT SOLVED Topic is solved

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P0455 Evap Code 1999 S70 GLT SOLVED  Topic is solved

Post by 800artfreed » Thu Aug 29, 2019 11:14 am

Suddenly I had p0455 "gross leak" failure on the evap system. I also thought the idle was slightly less even. Following much of this site's information on the J hose and L hose connected to the charcoal canister I found two small cracks on the L hose. I had previously solved my first P0455 code after I purchased the car by replacing the J hose that had 7 cracks. This time I used "liquid electrical tape" to attempt a repair and wrapped the areas with duct tape to prevent the spread of the cracks. After resetting the engine monitors it took only 20 miles of driving for the error code to return. :cry:

One nice thing about the 99 is that the drive cycle for the engine control system has been simplified. This makes it much easier the do a repair, reset the monitor system, drive and see if the error occurs.

This version of the evap system on a 99 GLT still has the canister at the rear of the car near the fuel filter. Other cars have the canister in the space under the driver's side front fender. The purge valve is mounted on the radiator shroud. I decided to give the front of the system a once over. It is important to note that in the 99 version of the turbo charged engines the intake manifold is a different design than the 98 T5 cars that I also own. MOST important is to recognize that the MAIN vacuum line used for the EVAP system, Brake Booster, and possibly the turbo boot valve ALL use a single line that comes off a nipple that is right on the top of the manifold near the fuel line in the middle of the manifold. There is NO vacuum tree. Fortunately this hose if visible and a strong flash light gives a good view and the line. There I saw a dried out line that looked cracked. Closer inspection showed that it was.

There is a short run of "3/8" rubber line that goes behind the manifold and comes out on the drivers side of the manifold as 5/8" inch (all measurements are approximations) into a T fitting that has a medium diameter hoses and check valves.

How does the diameter change? There is an inline adapter. The attached photo came from a different article on this site related to poor idle performance but shows the adapter and the same split down the length of the line! On my vehicle this is NOT a check valve. It is just an adapter for two different size lines.

My hose had the exact same cracks running along the top and bottom of the hose for the same length. Since the car had been running well and had no codes I can only guess that the hose was collapsing along the length as vacuum was applied until it failed completely and opened up. The system lost vacuum, triggering a "gross leak" code. I was not able to find any vacuum lines at a local parts store that worked. Fortunately I collect stuff like this to help bail me out of situations like this one. I found some transmission coolant line for the wider hose and some vacuum line for the thinner section to rebuild this line. I used screw clamps at the adapter and just attached the ends of the line to the T adapter and the manifold nipple.

Driving the car with the repaired line has cured the P0455 code. All monitors are in the ready condition.

Boost response seems to be better.

Ever since I purchased this car with only 59000 miles on it the brakes have not been as good as on my other to 1998 s/v 70s.
Since I replaced this line the brake pedal feel had improved. I had previously bled the system and did other brake work but the feel was always different with more travel before the brakes grabbed. Now it is better and more like the other cars.

Hope this helps others with the same dreaded P0455 code.
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Re: P0455 Evap Code 1999 S70 GLT SOLVED

Post by Eddystone » Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:50 am

Found that same split hose on my 99 T5 when I did the PCV system. Oddly, there was no error code..

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Re: P0455 Evap Code 1999 S70 GLT SOLVED

Post by abscate » Fri Aug 30, 2019 12:52 pm

I think that setup is peculiar to the 1999.

They are all vacuum lines and only serve the purge valve to suck out the evap container

Under normal aspiration, the intake manifold sucks on the line.

Under boost, the vacuum comes from the snorkel just in front of the turbo.

You need the check valve in there or the boost pressure will blow into the evap valve. If its just an adapter, its wrong.

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