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is original transponder chip needed for additional key?

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is original transponder chip needed for additional key?

Post by ab98 »

if anyone can help me this it would be greatly appreciated
i am very new to the volvo scene, just bought my first 2002 s60 2.5 yesterday.
i bought the car with a standard volvo key with no remote because the guy had broke it and didn’t feel like replacing it.
my key is melting rubber, peeling, etc.
i bought an empty switchblade s60 key off ebay, and i was gonna get an old remote specific to the 2002 model programmed to my car, gut it and put it in the new fob, and get the key cut, but from my understanding the transponder chip is hidden on the inside of the key vertically. would i need to somehow have a locksmith cut that out and put it in the fob for my car to start? or could i potentially do that myself? i want to be able to use the remotes on the fob and the key with no issues, thats the whole purpose.
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Re: is original transponder chip needed for additional key?

Post by abscate »

You can dig the RF chip out and replace it or have your new RF chip programmed in with anyone with full VIDA subscription, (not the software you buy on eBay)
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Re: is original transponder chip needed for additional key?

Post by darylrobert »

I cut my Rf chip out with a blade, I can post a pic if you need the location of it. Its a glass capsule so be careful and cut small slices. I uses another Volvo key from my 2002 parts car that was in perfect condition, changed the ignution barrel and drivers door lock. A lot of work but no key cutting or programming of Rf.
Shame you didn't get the smashed key fob, it could have been repairable..getting another 2nd hand or new programmed sounds expensive.
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Re: is original transponder chip needed for additional key?

Post by volvolugnut »

Slightly off the topic:
When my 2001 V70 key became ugly from the black soft plastic coating became soft and smeared, I scraped and cleaned all the soft plastic off. Underneath the black is bright red hard plastic. I think it looks cool. Function is not impacted in any way.
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