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2001 XC70 In limp mode

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Year and Model: XC 70 2001
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2001 XC70 In limp mode

Post by mrtiger » Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:00 am

There are no CEL lights and no codes.

The throttle body was rebuilt several years ago with a contactless hall sensor and has performed beautifully until now.

The problem started by losing power very briefly for just a few seconds and then going back to normal. Gradually the problem became more frequent and now the car is undrivable. When it’s running it idles very rough like its missing.

Someone must have had a similar problem. I would be grateful for any help thoughts or ideas?

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Re: 2001 XC70 In limp mode

Post by volvolugnut » Thu Sep 26, 2019 4:55 pm

This type of problem is frequently reported. To get more direction on troubleshooting, more details will be needed.
Transmission type? Engine type? Turbo?
Do you have a basic code reader, or a code reader that has Volvo specific codes? There are differences.
When you describe limp mode, is it limited transmission gear or related to throttle response?
Does it occur with cold start, warm start or both?
Has a shop tried to identify the problem?

These types of answers are needed to try to troubleshoot.

2001 V70 T5, 1986 244DL, 1983 245DL, 1975 245DL, 1959 PV544, multiple parts cars.

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