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do 2011 s60 T6s usually burn oil? + frequent issues?

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do 2011 s60 T6s usually burn oil? + frequent issues?

Post by rileyu » Tue Oct 01, 2019 9:30 pm

Looking at a 2011 Volvo s60 T6 AWD. Has around 120k miles. Car is in fantastic condition, except one aspect that's a little worrying.

Owner says the car eats oil a little bit. He specified as a half quart to quart during an oil change cycle. (I believe he mentioned that cycle being 5-7k miles) Is this an issue? I know some turbo cars eat oil but is the amount specified an insane amount? I've read numerous things online such as "all new cars eat a little oil" and "a quart isn't that bad" and "any oil eaten is terrible." Just wanted to set the record straight and get an answer specific to my question (google isn't turning up exact model years and doesn't give fully relevant answers)

On top of that, since i'm seeing it tomorrow, anything else I should look for? I know how to inspect a used car but is there any special investigations I should do? Common issues? required repairs?


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Re: do 2011 s60 T6s usually burn oil? + frequent issues?

Post by jimmy57 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:35 pm

ABSOLUTELY not. I have been in the car repair biz over 40 years. If anyone brought me a car that used a 1/2 quart of oil in 5 to 7 K miles to repair I'd laugh at them. I might get it bored and hone the cylinders to get exacting piston to cylinder fit. Have valve guides replaced, new valves, new stem seals, brand new-not remanufactured- turbocharger, get oversize rings and precision grind them for the minimal ring end gap, and replace the crankcase breather system hoses. That engine once done might use a full quart in 5000 miles after all that.
ALL engines use oil. They have lubrication loss on cylinder walls and the valve guides are porous to allow oil to wick through to lubricate the valve stems. Turbo engines have some loss through crankcase vent system. The reason the oil level does not drop given these designed in loss points is that the oil picks up combustion residue, the stuff that makes oil get dark. Engines that use gaseous fuels like propane do not get dirty oil since the combustion is so clean and complete that it leaves very minimal reside behind and use more oil as a result. So the short answer is that 1/2 quart in 5000 miles is no concern. There have been some 6 cylinders that used oil, like one quart in 700 miles. If this is going to happen it has increasing oil use by 50K miles. The low tension rings that reduce friction has caused issues for most manufacturers. It is worse with the long drain interval when the engine is used for short trips and as a result has a more ripe scenario for sludge to form. The sludge in the piston ring grooves can gum up and stick the rings and oil use results.
The 3.0 T6 engine uses a crankcase breather box on top of cylinder head and there is a diaphragm integrated into a part of that box that can rupture and allow crankcase vacuum and also allow oil to be sucked into the intake ports. That results in a mild increase in oil consumption in some cases. That box is not a big job or too expensive.

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