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The damn Auto rocker arm problem...

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The damn Auto rocker arm problem...

Post by Brimstone »

Good evening gentlemen & Ladies..
I am in hell, Naturally our 06 XC70 has had a gear shift failure, I decided to tear into it and take care of it myself, I tore apart the gear selector and then life became challenging.. I am stuck, I cannot remove the plastic cap that exposes the rocker arms... I have read and reread all the other forum posts, I have oiled the corners, applied heat, yelled and screamed at it.... drank heavily.. cried.. however i am stuck. any help?/
I attached pix of my issue

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Post by greg850r »

I do not know this mechanism at all, but I do know from experience the answer is usually easier than it appears. The cover is made to come apart. Some you pry tabs a certain way, others you have to insert something in a hole next to the retainer to release it. Whatever it is, when you get it you will think 'why didn't I see that'. Search other forums until you find the answer. I don't know if it will help but this thread seemed relevant.
Good luck. You'll get it.
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Joined: Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:21 pm
Year and Model: 2006 xc70
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Post by Brimstone »

Thank you for your wise words.. I need to remove the passenger side grab handle to get to it.... :)

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