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coolant issue

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coolant issue

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Hello. I have a 2001 v70 t5 volvo. The issue started out as just a coolant leak from one of the hoses. I replaced that hose and there is no longer a leak. Every time I attempt to start my car it tells me that the coolant is too low and to shut off the engine. So I do. The water will still very slowly drain from the reservoir and into the hoses, but after that I am at a loss. There are no leaks from hoses or engine and no cracks on anything. The heater does not work as the previous owner bought a "knuckle" to keep the water flowing but avoiding the heater hose (if that makes sense.) When I turn my car on for that split second all the water/coolant that was just emptied out of the reservoir goes back up into the reservoir. I have no idea what i'm needing to look for or where to go from here. Before I fixed the hose with the leak my car would still run. But now that I have changed that hose it will not run. The oil was just changed. There is no smell or smoke coming out of the exhaust except what is expected. My engine does not knock nor does it smoke. The coolant is not discolored either. I have no clue where to start or where else to look, or even what to look for next. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!
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