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Rear Latch Always Open

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Rear Latch Always Open

Post by jman294 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:55 am

The message 'Tailgate Open' is on intermittently on the dash, when the tailgate is definitely closed. Most of the time it is on, but every once in a while it turns off seemingly by itself. The message itself is not so worrisome, but the light in the trunk stays on continuously as well, draining the battery. My temporary fix was to take the bulb out of the light.

Another message on the dash is 'Bulb Failure Position Light'. This message is always on. I have replaced most of the bulbs in the taillights, all exterior bulbs including tail lights have been tested and functional.

Could these two events be related? I have read it could be the back harness. Any thoughts or things I could try next? Thanks.

2004 V70

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Re: Rear Latch Always Open

Post by firstv70volvo » Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:14 pm

I would definitely check the wiring in the left rear hinge area and be sure to pull back the protective jacket some as the broken wires could be back a ways under the harness jacket. I attached some photos I've found online with the problem. My car has the same problem and the intermittent tailgate open condition would set off the alarm sometimes after the locking the car and it sitting in the garage at night. If other wires are broken you might see the license plate lights out or go on and off as you raise or lower the tailgate, rear wiper or rear lock not working.

It's possible but I don't think the position light out warning is related, I'm not sure if the license plate bulbs are monitored. If all the position lights are working then it could be a resistive socket or possible incorrect bulb type. Check that the correct bulb type is installed and you might also compare the brightness of the positions lights and see if any may be dim. You might also check (carefully) and compare the temperature of the light socket area to see if any are too hot, which would indicate resistance with the socket to bulb contact.
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