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06 V70 2.5T Timing Belt

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06 V70 2.5T Timing Belt

Post by STSCowboy »

So far, I haven’t been able to dig up any Service History on my car. So here are some questions:

1) How can you identify a Stock Original Timing Belt? Do they come with any markings such as Brand and Part Number etc that would indicate its the Original Belt or a Factory Replacement?

2) What is the actual recommended replacement mileage? I read 75K all the way to 120K miles?

3) I’ve seen up to 3 different brands of belts for sale so far. Which is the preferred belt to use? I’ve tended to use Gates Belts in the past. Is their Kevlar belt that much better than a standard belt for a stock engine?

4) Who has the best YouTube Video and/or written instructions for the procedure?

5) Generally, how long does the job take to perform?

6) Any special tools required to do the job on a Volvo?

2006 V70 2.5T Geartronic Silver Black Leather 131,000 Miles
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Re: 06 V70 2.5T Timing Belt

Post by oragex »

How many miles has the car ? If it's the first belt, you can leave the water pump and replace belt and pulleys only. I believe Continental/Contitech is a good choice, they make the one for Volvo. Fcpeuro has these

https://www.volvotechinfo.com/index.cfm ... terval.pdf

For the job, you have the option of not removing the crank pulley if you don't have an impact gun, which speeds up the job www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tljxoQFDe0
I didn't use a locking tool to keep the cam gears from moving, but I was extra careful with my hands moving around. A locking tool will make for a more relaxing job. The hardest part with the belt is passing it by the crank pulley if you don't remove it, and setting the tensioner - these can be stubborn and not willing to stay centered when the securing bolt is tightened to the torque 15 ft-lb. Finding and aligning the marks is also tricky, crank one may be hidden, top exhaust one is impossible to see from the side. This is how the crank marks look on my 2003 na https://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/s60-t ... marks.html To rotate the engine, I warmly suggest removing the spark plugs - you may want to replace them as well at this point. The crank pulley center nut is pretty big, may need an adjustable wrench or a pipe wrench to turn it

It will depend on your skills, I think removing and placing back the serpentine belt may be more hassle than the timing belt itself. For the serpentine belt, you may need a tool to release the tensioner - see what others say for your 2006 I suggest you also inspect all serpentine pulleys by hand, when the belt is off.
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Re: 06 V70 2.5T Timing Belt

Post by abscate »

Stick with Volvo parts on timing belts and pulleys

You are due up in 12 years regardless of mileage,I see 131k in your signature, so you are due. If you don’t have a sticker in your engine compartment, it wasn’t done.

This isn’t “ park the car “ urgent. The timing belt components are robust and last well over 150k miles.

Your car has variable valve timing so the cams have to be put into the right place to replace the belt, a bit trickier than a solid cam car, but not rocket surgery.
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Re: 06 V70 2.5T Timing Belt

Post by cn90 »


All of your questions can be answered by a search in forum.

I wrote a detailed DIY for 2005 XC90 2.5T timing belt in forum.

Agree with abscate. Use Volvo or Conti TB only. The kit comes with TB and 2 pulleys.

The first thing to go is usually the tensioner pulley, around 100K-130K range.
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