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For P3 Drivers that want more Information on their Drivetrain condition

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Steve H
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Steve H

For P3 Drivers that want more Information on their Drivetrain condition

Post by Steve H » Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:47 am

I suffered a failing thermostat when my wife was out of town moving my son into his college apartment. She was sitting in a parking lot on a 95 degree day with the engine running and the A/C on and the high engine temp came on with almost a flash and went back off. I worried about her and the car for the 4 hour return trip she had. Luckily it never return but I became on a mission to have a temperature gauge on this vehicle so I new before it became critical. I found the Autool 1 X60 multi-function digital meter. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1

This meter is a OBDII port plug in, 90 degree plug, unit that is easy to install. When I first installed it, with the car off, it showed error in setup but it has worked flawless since.(car was off at the time during first setup??) I installed it on my dash surface right next to the driver's side "A" pillar. I have it setup to display digital speedometer in the large center, engine temperature (C or F) on the lower left and voltage in the bottom right. The lower bar is RPM but that I do not care for. The flexibility of this unit is off the chart compared to it's price. You can program warnings for temp or volts, speed alarms, it has a default shift indicator beep for 2000 rpm which was annoying so I set it to 6000 and I have never heard it again. I noticed the speedometer was 2 MPH fast on the X60. I found the option for speedometer calibration and the factory default was 105% and I moved it to 100% and that was resolved. You can also pull up and clear check engine codes. It will show boost for you turbo guys and if you get to a display that the car will not do like oil pressure on my 2008 3.2 it will have a red X in the display. I went to Rockauto.com and looked up oil senders and they all said for a light so that is why the system does not know the engine oil pressure but it does show oil temperature. Once my wire comes out of the X60 and travels to the A pillar trim it disappears from that point. I pulled the plastic panel from the side of the dash and ran the wire behind this down to the OBD port and tucked in the excess wire into the top of the floor carpet. It is completely hidden and easy to install. I will disclose I have no affiliation with this company, they did not give me my unit even though I did find it on an Amazon deal of the day for $29US shipped and they do show a 3 year warranty on their products. I simply was determined to get the information that Volvo did not think that I needed. I also feel that knowing Volts is just as important since we have a very difficult alternator to change on these engines requiring an intake removal. My car has 206K miles on it and I do not know if my alternator status or if it has ever been replaced but at least now I know for sure it is working correctly every time that I drive my car and when I have it loaded with power draws like heated seats, defoggers and A/C. Also the single button control is very smart. Rocker it left and right to go through the menu's, push in to select option, push and hold to back of of menus one at a time.

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