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Need Tire Opinion

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Need Tire Opinion

Post by joshdecker »

I was offered some tires by my FIL, but they aren’t exactly the same size I have on here right now. Wondering if this might still work? Not planning to keep the car long...too many things failing/coming apart.

Here’s the info:
2002 V70XC
Recommended tire size: 215/65R16
Being offered: 245/75R16

Mainly concerned about the tires running on the inside of the wheel well.

Not concerned about speedometer/odometer differences. The dashboard is doesn’t work most of the time. When I am done with the car, probably going to a junk yard.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: Need Tire Opinion

Post by oragex »

The difference in overall diameter is really too much, over 3". I'm not sure it will even fit inside the fender. I would be fine with a difference up to 1" or so https://tiresize.com/comparison/
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Re: Need Tire Opinion

Post by SuperHerman »

Agree - that is way too big.

Sell the offered tires on CL and look for something closer in size. It is AWD so tire wear depth should be as close as possible.

The tire calculator is useful. Just remember the wider the tire the worse it will be in the snow (usually). You can use the other wheel/tire options for your model as reference.
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Did you see how big these tires are?

Post by EngineeringBloke »

As oregex points out the new tires are bigger. Do check the numbers on the website he provided.

The first number is the tire width in mm: 8.5 and 9.5 in inches.
The second number is the height to width ratio.

The bigger width and increased height ratio indicate a significantly larger tire.

1. The new tires about 1 inch wider and so might not fit on the wheels.
2. Also, and this is not a minor point, they are over 5 inches bigger in diameter (30.5 cf. 25.3 inches)!

If they were to fit in the wheel wells, your turning circle would be reduced to that of a fulled loaded oil tanker! You would have to add a new option to Waze navigation to avoid routes with curves. The tires will hit the side of the wheel well cavity so much sooner due to being half an inch wider of the inside, and 2.6 inches longer from the 'axle' to outside edge (radius).

You may even need a step ladder to get up into your car.

Still, you would get the monster truck look if that's what you like and you don't need to drive your car any more.
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Re: Need Tire Opinion

Post by MoVolvos »

Tire Size Comp.png

That's 3.5" bigger. On the axle the dimension is split in half up and down besides the front and back of the fenderwell space. A monster truck style lift kit? Well, not that drastic but...


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