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Volvo Apps - oil temp & other useful stats

Discussion on the exciting new 2017 Volvo cars built on the SPA platform.
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Volvo Apps - oil temp & other useful stats

Post by alexb192 »

Hi everyone,

I have a 2017 v90 and the dashboard information, whilst configurable and pretty, does lack some of the stats that most cars routinely display - like water temperature, oil temp, battery amps to name but a few.

It strikes me as an opportunity to have some of these stats displayed in one of the Volvo Apps. Already available are apps for local weather forecast, Spotify, streaming internet radio, surely it's not beyond the wit of man to add an app to show a few dials for the aforementioned temperatures and electrics, perhaps for the car lights status (any bulbs/LEDs broken, headlight status, etc.).

Anyone got any contacts at Volvo who could let us know if there's a development thread for Volvo apps?

Many thanks, Alex.
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Re: Volvo Apps - oil temp & other useful stats

Post by RahulDel »

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