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questions about estimate for broken front coil spring

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Re: questions about estimate for broken front coil spring

Post by cn90 »


Another option is to fly abscate to Boston, put him in a 5-star hotel with champagne and caviar, he can do the front suspension for you (j/k)...
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Re: questions about estimate for broken front coil spring

Post by enotslim »

As CN90 advises I plan to replace everything in the front suspension that is not relatively new. The ball joint boot looks new and the joint itself is not loose when I pull and push on it. But the boots of the lower control arm are cracked. I suspect the ball joint but not the control arm was replaced not too long ago. Plan new control arms and likely sway bar end links and inner/outer tie rods.

Examining the axle more carefully both inner and outer CV joints are tight. The rotational play and clicking noise occurs where the axle enters the transmission housing. This seems consistent with the high frequency driving noise that occurs at constant speed and deceleration but not at acceleration. And there is no "clunking" noise while driving. Is some play normal here or is this definitely bad? Does this mean the axle is not fully inserted into the housing? Or could this be due to worn splines that don't mate well? If so hopefully it's the axle, not the transmission. Or could this be due to unloading the suspension on jack stands?

Could this also explain why the reluctor ring collides with the abs sensor?

The axle seems designed to be "locked" in place by the "carrier bearing cap" that doesn't appear to allow any adjustment. In this case I don't see how the axle could become not fully inserted. I plan on disassembling the bearing cap/axle to investigate. Or can I just try to insert the axle more fully into the transmission. Any suggestions on doing this? I've read admonitions against "letting the axle fall out" which, again, I don't understand because the carrier bearing cap should prevent this.

Thanks and sorry for all the questions. I do better if I know what to expect.
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