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DRIVERS power seat install to passenger side XC70

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DRIVERS power seat install to passenger side XC70

Post by darylrobert » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:49 pm

I have installed a drivers power seat from a 2002 xc70 to the passenger side of my 2001xc70.

First thing was to check that the mounting rails are compatible and they almost are, i fitted a 3mm spacer/washer to the rear mounting of the passenger side to bolt it up.

then checked the rail base fitted the base of the passenger seat, after cutting the mechanical levers off the passenger base the seat fit perfectly just needed longer bolts.

then i fitted the recline motor into the back of the passenger seat (see pic) and yes there is a hole left from where i removed the mechanical knob, its blocked by the pillar and only seen if the seat is fully forward. Also the plastic trim for the mechanical levers is very slightly larger, so you can see the mark/imprint left on the leather seat, i have removed the dark marks using leather cleaner but the imprint i think will remain.
power passenger seat.jpg
to power the seat was the most difficult, didnt use the module i tried to trick it into thinking there were two drivers seats but it didnt work so i used double throw relays. Two 10amp relays for each motor, so 8 all up in the same location as the module wired to the factory switch and pre installed factory wiring to the fusebox with an auto reset 10amp fuse that trips when the current is too high (motor stall). normal moving current is around 2amp but this increases to 11amp when the motor stalls. There are larger 20amp relays available in the same size but they are twice the price and the 10amps seem to be working very well.

And no the memory seat buttons do not work, still thinking what i could use them for??
DPDT 10amp.jpg

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