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Volvo 850 ECU Tuning and Electronics Repair Service.

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Volvo 850 ECU Tuning and Electronics Repair Service.

Post by henrysin44 »

ECU Tuning: $20 per ECU
What I can offer:
-Injector calibration for swapped injectors.
-Manual transmission binary flash for manual swapped 850s.
-Rear O2 disable and other CEL disables.
-Enabling the use of A/C after a M4.4 swap.

I will not tune the ECU for increased HP as I do not want to be responsible for bent rods. And even with that use this service at your own risk. A backup of your ECU is made prior to flashing, I can also edit bins from the ROM of your ECU to achieve the above.

Electronics Repair: $5 to $20 + Parts
What I can offer:
-ECU repair.
-Switch repair.
-Bulb Replacement.
-Odometer repair.
-Stock stereo repair.
-Stock stereo amplifier repair.

If interested please email me at [email protected] , you will have to pay for shipping it to me but I wont charge you for shipping when I send it back to you.

I am a undergrad Computer Engineering student with my own electronics lab and a love for Volvos looking to make some gas money doing what I love. If you feel my pricing is unreasonable, or you need something repaired that I didn't list, or just have a question let me know!
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Re: Volvo 850 ECU Tuning and Electronics Repair Service.

Post by Kara503 »

Any idea how long you plan to offer this service? I should be completing my manual swap in about 3 months, sounds like a really good deal :D
If you don't mind, could you explain exactly what injector calibration entails? Would you just be telling the ECU to adjust and inject a stock amount of fuel using the larger injector?

Thanks! Cool idea. I can email you instead if that would be preferred.
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Re: Volvo 850 ECU Tuning and Electronics Repair Service.

Post by Richard99 »


I've got you bookmarked.


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