$100 cheaper then GROM Aux audio devices...

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$100 cheaper then GROM Aux audio devices...

Post by Mikele82 »

$100 cheaper then GROM devices...
anyone has experience with these?
and with SD/USB too. i can put so much music on this...
https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-SD-AUX-Car ... Sw8e5a0F0b

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Post by cn90 »

Idk about the stuff you mentioned, but for my 2004 V70, I used:

GROM-AUX1-VOL01, VOL01A1, $66 on ebay.
Ebay seller name is "replacementradios".

Works great.
GROM is a good product, tried and true.


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Post by mrbrian200 »

I've got one of those. It works ok. Sound quality is acceptable. On my radio, HU650RDS (without the selector knob) you can only set up one folder with up to 999 song files in it. While playing, the display on the radio doesn't display the first digit on file numbers 100+. On radios with the selector knob you can use 6/8/10 folders (depending on the radio) that can be selected like switching discs on the factory changer. So you can't separate content into different folders by genre or type using radios without the selector knob.

It is picky about the file size though--I think the limit is supposed to be 40 or 50mb. Sometimes it will play files larger than that, sometimes it'll skip over them, no rhyme or reason.

The one problem I've had is when you pull the flash drive out to add or delete music. It doesn't always seem to pick up the changes right away, I recommend wiring a switch in line with the +12v constant power wire so that you can cut power to reset it easily.

The manual that comes with it says you can control the order that your music plays by renaming the file names 001.mp3, 002.mp3, etc. I tried that it still played them in the order of file date/creation (so when you add new files/songs, except in shuffle play the new songs added will be the last to be played).

I opted for this cheaper version as an interim solution. Shuffling CDs is for the birds and radio has too many commercials anymore. My intent is to eventually yank the HU650 and get a Bluepower BLP840, hence I couldn't justify the extra $ for a GROM unit when all I really needed out of it (hundreds of songs in shuffle play/no screwing around with CDs), it accomplishes.

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