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IAT sensor - 1995 Volvo 850 2.3 turbo standard drive

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IAT sensor - 1995 Volvo 850 2.3 turbo standard drive

Post by dtmmoore2 »

On-board diagnostic unit has thrown DTC 122 on the A7 (Trip Computer-Combined Instrument) socket: "Intake Air Temperature Sensor interval too long". I have five lists of DTC's for the B5234T engine and whereas three of them do not list DTC 122 on A2 socket (Fuel Systerm) - 121 MAF is followed by 123 ECT Signal - on two lists I see it listed as "IAT Sensor Missing or Faulty" and advises checking the sensor and wiring.

On the other hand, I only have DTC 122 on A7, not A2. However, upon calling IPD it was confirmed that they do not sell an IAT Sensor for this car. And when I called Volvo parts they confirmed that the sensor ( Part Number: 1389556) for this car is no longer sold. However the diagram on the Volvo part website relating to my car showing where the sensor is located has it fitting into the turbo snorkel just the other side of where the MAF on my car sits adjacent to the air box (I note that the diagram does not show the word "Turbo" stamped on the air box cover). However, on my car there is no sensor inserted into the snorkel adjacent to the MAF. So not sure what to do to address what might be a problem with the IAT sensor or where it is located on my engine. My car's performance is consistent with a faulty IAT sensor (poor acceleration etc.) but it is also consistent with a lot of other potential issues and I am trying to pin it down to make the necessary fixes. I will post a subsequent description of the performance problems I have been having with my car but wanted to get to the bottom of this potential issue up front if possible. Thanks for any information or guidance on this.

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