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2015 S80 T4. all electrics stop working

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Year and Model: 2015 S80
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2015 S80 T4. all electrics stop working

Post by Medo65 »

Sometimes when I start the car, the car remote does not work (i have keless entry) so i open it with the physical key and after i stop the alarm (by inserting the remote inside its slot in the dash) i find out that all the electric functions (infotainment, door locks, windows, screen wipers, 7" screen, saloon light, AC, instrument cluster,....etc are not working. ALL i can do is that I can start the engine and drive the car!!). The strange thing is that the engine starts normally without any delay as if the battery ok and fully charged. The car will be still in this awkward mode untill i detach the -ve terminal of the battery for few seconds then attach it again and every thing works normal again! It can do same error 1-3 times for 1-2 days and then every thing works fine for some few months then it happens again.
Any idea what is wrong in my car ( dealer does not know and he say the battery is ok and asked me to make a video for it when it happen!!)
Thank you and forgive my bad English
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