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C70 parking brake handle stuck up, button adjustment FIX

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C70 parking brake handle stuck up, button adjustment FIX

Post by junkycosmos »

2009 c70 volvo
parking brake handle stuck up, pressing button does not disengage the latch to allow handle to lower
parking brake button is a bit soft, not a full push

Note: this is very different from the main cable going to the rear wheels getting stuck

The push button on the end of the parking brake handle is adjustable,
The adjustment on the bottom of the handle, remove the center console (pita)

To remove center console..... this will take an hour your 1st time
remove bottom of back seat by pulling up
remove drink holders from front and rear buy pulling up
unscrew 3 bolts in the rear drink holder
remove 2 torques screws under the flip up tray for trim (horizontal under the flip up tray)
remove the trim around front cup holders/cig plug/roof switch by pulling up
remove trim panel behind radio under radio, it pulls off
unscrew 2 torque screws under this trim that hold consul forward
remove the little tray under area behind radio by pulling upy
remove trim panel with aux cable in rear of consul to reveal 2 more screws (inside rear box of center consul)
lift up the rear of the consul and pull back on the box for the rear cup holder, it separates from main consul
unplug aux cable and other plug at rear of consul you can see now
remove upper radio trim (pry top out)
remove radio by pushing it out from rear, unplug 2 connectors
unscrew 2 screws for radio / climate panel which were behind radio
slide consul unit to rear about 3 inches to show 2 lower screws for climate panel
remove climate panel unplugging it
remove center console unplugging connector at front

With the center console removed you can see a white plastic cover in mid bottom of brake lever
pop out this cover with screwdriver
wheel in here allowed for tightening the cable that thumb button pushes
too loose and thumb button will not disengage handle, too tight and handle does not latch

Thank you to IPD rep who sourced me a pdf for the consul remove.
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