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009 Volvo S60 AWD in *EXCELLENT* condition - $6000 (Buffalo, NY)

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009 Volvo S60 AWD in *EXCELLENT* condition - $6000 (Buffalo, NY)

Post by fazool » Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:08 pm

I am a Volvo fanatic and hardcore Volvo expert. When you come see the car you will see that I have four Volvo S60's registered in my name and on the road (I'm not a dealer - I own four S60's that I handed down to my three kids). When you come I will show you a paper I wrote on how to shop for a used Volvo and what to check and look for (published on the world's largest Volvo forum). You will *NOT* find any private Volvo seller who knows Volvos better, who cares for their Volvo's better or who can give you better information about Volvos.

This car was a daily driver, has been continually registered and insured. I have extensive service records for the car - the buyer will get all these to keep. It was *JUST* inspected, got new rear brakes, alignment, an oil change and newer tires.

You will not find a nicer S60 anywhere near this price. Period.

We would keep this car but the owner moved away for graduate school and can't take the car. That is the *ONLY* reason we would even consider selling this car.

The car has low mileage and runs great with absolutely no operating issues, whatsoever. The ride is smooth as glass, the steering, suspension, acceleration, braking the entire feel is perfect. Every single feature on the car works perfectly: A/C is ice cold. Power heated seats, power sunroof, etc. etc. Everything works perfectly. No warning lights, no CEL's etc. Again it was *JUST* inspected and passed with no issues at all.

The tires are in great shape and the car drives great too.

The car only has 104K miles on it and feels like brand new.

There are only minor three very issues to disclose:

1) it was in an ultra minor accident over the winter : someone slid through a stop and swerving to void them we slid into the stop sign. Only cosmetic bumper damage - very minor and repaired professionally at Carubba - I even have it on dashcam and can show you so you know how minor it was, but because I had it professionally repaired it is probably recorded on the carfax record.

2) the car has a pinhole coolant leak somehwere. It's so non-problematic I haven't found it yet. During daily driving I had to add about 1 cup of coolant a month. It was so minor I didn't want to bother do a big tear-down and investigation. We've actually run it like this without any changes or problems for over a year. It's not any kind of problem just seems to be a very minor nuisance and never got any worse so I lazily left it - you can too.

3) the popup headlight washers don't pop up. This is a common issue with this model. I never bothered with tearing the bumper cover off and replacing any plastic parts because it just wasn't all that important.

Other than those two things, this car is the most perfect S60 imaginable. I used KBB to value this car at about $6300. For the tiny coolant leak I lowered the price $300 so the price is $6000 FIRM.

Only reply via PM here or to this thread - give me your cell number and Ill reply via email or text (I got too many scam/spam contacts)
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