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Volvo Logo Car Door Light

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Volvo Logo Car Door Light

Post by MoVolvos »

Has anyone considered this courtesy light? NC has poor lighting everywhere you go compared with CA. The first customer submitted images in the Review Section at this time are Volvo Logo.
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Re: Volvo Logo Car Door Light

Post by Kara503 »

That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to order some with my next paycheck :)
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Re: Volvo Logo Car Door Light

Post by abscate »

When we can order the MVS ones, I am in.
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Re: Volvo Logo Car Door Light

Post by Stu70 »

My son got similar for me as a gift. My ones were cylindrical though and fitted in a 10mm (??) hole, I made the hole in the bottom of the door and siliconed them in. They really are that clear as in that picture.

1 year on and the drivers side ‘Volvo film/ lens ‘ has broken, so I get a broken glass looking projection☹️
The outer glass hasent broken so the unit is still sealed. But maybe not up to the constant battering of closing the door. I may buy another couple of sets as they were only $2.99USD off AliExpress.
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