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Rear main seal question

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Rear main seal question

Post by nferi93 » Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:21 pm

Hello All,

I'm replacing the rear main seal on a '96 850 T5, and I'm stuck with one thing.

To clarify, I installed a Corteco RMS, which has a rubber lip with a spring around on the engine side, and a layer of felt on the transmission side. The inner diameter of this felt layer is smaller than the rubber lip, so it is actually way smaller than the crankshaft.

After I installed the seal following the procedure to slowly tap the seal in place once fitted around the crankshaft, I found that the inner edge of the felt layer just folded outwards, around the crankshaft.
The original seal had this felt layer folded inside, basically tucked under the seal.

My question is if the felt layer turning outwards is a problem or not? And if it is a problem, how should I make this felt part tucked under the seal?

I just can't imagine how can I install it such a way with a tight fitting like this. And I don't recall any youtube videos tucking anything under the seal, they just placed the seal over the crankshaft, and slowly tapped it in place.

Sorry if it is just a dumb question, but at this point I feel better asking, rather than finding a leaking seal later.

Thank you,

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Re: Rear main seal question

Post by wheelsup » Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:39 am

Have you fixed this by now? My only suggestion to to ensure a complete seal...I had a small cut on my RMS I installed...it leaked like crazy and I had to do it again. I think I ended up buying two new ones just in case before I did it again.

This is something if local I would buy Volvo blue box just to never have to worry.

1995 850 GLT Wagon w/ 185,000 miles

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