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PCV glove test not pulling or blowing

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PCV glove test not pulling or blowing

Post by Nathan79 »

I've searched a bit on here but couldn't find exact issue & remedy. Here it goes.

05 xc70 185k:
Was idling sloppy & running with less power, showing code p0101... Since I knew a MAF replacement was immanent, I also did a glove test for pcv & found that there wasn't negative OR positive crankcase ventilation. After removing manifold & checking pcv hoses/ports/trap box & finding nothing more than oldish crackly vacuum hoses (yes, I replaced them)(yes, even the little infamous banjo bolt hose). Sooooo...I was left scratching my head & just Ended up replacing the maf. Smooth idle WITH power is back to satisfactory, (but boost doesn't seem to be optimal)(could just be me) ... And still the glove test result is "neutral"... No blowing or suction @ oil filler spout😔.

1. Does there even need to be suction @ oil filler spout @ idle?
2. You don't suppose it's the oil pick up tube in the oil pan do you, maybe ptc or boost solenoid?
3. If anything, What should I look for or try next?

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Re: PCV glove test not pulling or blowing

Post by abscate »

Try giving it some revs - like 2000-3000 and see if it pulls in. If it is limp at idle, but suction on revs, I think you are okay.
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Re: PCV glove test not pulling or blowing

Post by oragex »

This is on a non turbo at idle - jump at 1:50 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS3bawaBMMk
not sure if the turbo is the same. But before I replaced the PCV, it was slightly blowing - now it sucks in with force
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Re: PCV glove test not pulling or blowing

Post by vtl »

It should suck a lot while idling, since the vacuum goes through the inlet manifold, which has a lot of vacuum when not under the boost.

Revving to 2k does little, since the ECU knows it's in parking, and the turbo is not developing any boost. To check that "under boost" PCV contour, which clogs more easily, you need to step on the brakes, switch to drive and raise revs to 2-2.5k for a couple of seconds. Somebody outside should watch for the glove. It's not good for the transmission, so do it quickly.

Assuredly healthy PCV (new...) and still not much vacuum in crankcase would indicate a lot of blow-by gases, meaning compression rings are worn or stuck. Carry out a compression test.
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